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Oil and Gas

Freight and Cargo logistics.
– Air transport of cargo and oil and gas equipment from a central logistics hub to the oil fields.
Aerial Structural inspection.
– Inspection of oil rigs, storage tank and oil field infrastructure.
– Elevated structure inspection for wear, corrosion and damages.
– Perimeter Security & Intrusion alert.
– Security of oil fields and facilities.
– Detection of illegal activities both day and night.
Aerial surveillance.
– Accident and damage assessment.

Freight and Supply chain Logistics

Cargo logistics

– Air transport of cargo of up to 2000kg  from a central hub to remote air strips

Relief Aid.

– Transport of relief cargo to remote areas where conventional cargo planes are unable to land due to insufficient infrastructure.

Medical Supplies.

– On demand and scheduled  air transport of urgently needed medical supplies, laboratory samples, vaccines and blood to remote and inaccessible areas.

Energy and Utilities

Our drones provide the aerial platform for close range viewing and recording, for the purpose of determining present conditions, and/or for documentation of completed repairs and inspections of infrastructure.


When a disaster occurs, Astral Aerial drones may be used to provide first responders with better situational awareness, locate survivors amidst the rubble, perform structural analysis of damaged infrastructure, deliver needed supplies and equipment and help extinguish fires—among many other potential applications.
– Providing first responders with better (aerial) situational awareness in case of a disaster or accident.
– Structural analysis of damaged infrastructure.
– Delivery of first aid kits , blood , and equipment to help extinguish fires.
– Search and rescue.
–  Crowd monitoring.
–  Coordination of rescue efforts