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Drones are our DNA

Kush GadHia , CEO

Kush Gadhia is a graduate in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He holds an FAA Private Pilot license, FAA Small Unmanned Systems Remote Pilot and SACAA multi-rotor RPAS pilot. Apart from the certifications, Kush is passionate about the use of commercial drones and the impact they will have on society.

He is the CEO at Astral Aerial Solutions.

“UAV’s in Kenya will open up great opportunities; and the youth are sure to benefit from it. It is very exciting to be at the center of it all and an honor to be a part of the team that is building it.”


Sanjeev S Gadhia

Founder and Director

Michael Mutahi

Director of Operations

Aman Bhasin

Director of Finance

Kush Gadhia


Julie Makena

Mechanical Engineer

John Muikiah

Head of Operations

Alvin Kibet

Chief Pilot

Amrit Jandu

Accounts and Finance

Nicholas Oyiolo

Drone Pilot


UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are progressively steering agriculture in the direction of data driven farm management in Africa. With the second highest total addressable market for commercial services (according to Goldman Sachs), and the continued technology uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa. Astral Aerial Solutions proudly runs the biggest agricultural drone spraying and mapping service in Kenya.

Drones offer a unique, time efficient platform to carry out different kinds of survey in normal and complex topographies. Ensuring faster, and more efficient workflows for survey teams in diverse data outputs to match the client requirements.

In an age of reduced delivery times for goods and services, there is an increasing need for enterprises to meet customer demands in an efficient and timely manner. Drones offer quickly deployable aerial platforms for the transportation of on demand goods and services. From e-commerce products, to health care deliveries as well as humanitarian aid in remote areas, Astral Aerial provides a flexible drone fleet that matches these requirements. 

Drones provide aerial cinematic shots that allow the viewer to experience films/documentaries in different ways. From landscape shots, to close up views and finally object tracking. Drones provide mind blowing cinematic shots that elevate the narrative, the story and the film. 

Environmental and wildlife management is a key function in this region where wildlife tourism is a major contributor to the economic GDP. Drones are a useful tool in the management of animal species by performing tasks such as aerial tracking of animal herds/groups, given the agile nature of animal species. 

The potential of drones to assist in maintaining power & utilities networks is even greater. Maintenance of assets spread across a vast area, accessing hard-to-reach infrastructure and execution of dangerous inspection procedures normally performed by humans, or by expensive helicopter or airplanes, can all be replaced by drones. UAVs beat other technologies by making inspections cheaper, faster and safer.

Drones are an easily deployable and handy tool to support security and surveillance teams they are a reliable tool for both day and night operation. Astral Aerial drones are fitted with infrared and thermal sensors for night vision and object location. 


20x efficiency across multiple industries.

First nationwide ROC approval - ROC 001

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