Astral Aerial Solutions


In an age of reduced delivery times for goods and services, there is an increasing need for enterprises to meet customer demands in an efficient and timely manner. Drones offer quickly deployable aerial platforms for the transportation of on demand goods and services. From e-commerce products, to health care deliveries as well as humanitarian aid. Astral Aerial provides a flexible drone fleet that matches these requirements.

Last mile delivery of emergency medical and humanitarian supplies is now possible in remote and inaccessible locations with poor transport infrastructure using unmanned aerial drones. With the ability to overfly heavy traffic, impassable roads and locations with no road infrastructure, drones ensure critical supplies reach their intended destination safely.

Astral Aerial Solutions performed the first drone delivery demonstration in Kenya in partnership with Swoop Aero and Skyports.

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Astral Aerial in tandem with international partners provides last mile delivery that has use cases across multiple industries. This avails the a complementary transportation service of goods (medical, emergency and e-commerce etc) to hard to reach remote areas.   

Timely action is one of the most critical services necessary in humanitarian and disaster response. A well crafted drone based emergency response system is essential to ensure life saving and life sustaining supplies reach those in need. 

Natural resources are often located in remote hard to reach locations making the delivery of equipment and supplies a cost intensive and difficult operation. Drones allow for swift deployment of essential deliveries in a cost and time efficient manner.