Astral Aerial Solutions


UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are progressively steering agriculture in the direction of data driven farm management in Africa. With the second highest total addressable market for commercial services (according to Goldman Sachs), and the continued technology uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa. Astral Aerial Solutions proudly runs the biggest agricultural drone spraying and mapping service in Kenya.

Astral Aerial, being among the Kenya’s drone pioneers, have invested our expertise in understanding agricultural drone technology, developing capabilities and building key technology partnerships to offer world class agricultural services. With a wealth of experience built since our founding in 2016, we have kept our ear to the ground, listening to farmers, understanding farm requirements, and tuning our solutions to deliver targeted results.

We have been in this space long enough to understand that drone technology provides desired results when integrated with farmer intelligence, experience and solid analytics. This understanding makes us the ideal partner to supplement farm management practices with real time farm status information to provide a full picture of farm conditions and insights to farming challenges, e.g pests and diseases that threaten the productivity, investment performance and livelihoods of farmers. Our product offerings include pest and disease control, crop health inspection, agricultural mapping and agricultural drone training.

With agricultural maps, we have successfully identified farm variations such as gaps among crop rows/bushes, identify areas with irregular water supply for the biggest agriculture farms in Kenya like Unilever, Del Monte, Twiga Farms amongst others. Additionally, we provide topographical information to enable structural planning and land tenure management and near real-time records of farm performance.

Astral Aerial agri-spraying services offer cost-savings on farm inputs with increased safety, effectiveness and flexibility, regardless of the terrain or ground conditions. Our automated spraying process ensures that all areas are effectively covered across the farm, when full farm coverage is required. We proudly receive regular feedback of greater farm yields by simply changing spraying methods. 

Astral Aerial provides crop inspection data to add a layer of efficiency and effectiveness to the pest management tool kit. We provide crop health maps that give the geo – location of areas exhibiting physical and health variabilities (hotspots). This reduces the time and effort in farm scouting, and soil sampling collection.