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As firms explore the possibility of integrating drones in their day-to-day operations, it is vital to consult the expertise of those who have treaded that path.

Astral Aerial, a holder of ROC 001, the first approved drone operating certificate in the country understands the end-to-end requirements of drone operations in Kenya. From the development of operating manuals, to capacity building, statutory requirements and finally drone platform selection and operation. We provide complete consulting services to ensure that drones are smoothly introduced and integrated in your operations to achieve the highest efficiencies and assured ROI.

UAV Consultancy

Between 2018 and 2020, a $100 billion market opportunity for drones had been forecasted towards the end of 2018. These were findings published by a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm; Goldman Sachs. Astral Aerial solutions, a Kenyan drone operator, understands the Kenyan drone market and is able to give you invaluable insights on the same. We boast of a highly skilled team of young experts, who in a period of less than five years since its inception, have propelled Astral Aerial’s name to the global stage with innovations such as the UTM system that won the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award, 2017.

We also have vast knowledge of not only the Kenyan drone market, but also the Sub-Saharan Africa drone market and of global trends; having been featured in conferences/panels and partnerships across the globe. Being a subsidiary of Astral Aviation, a leading Kenyan cargo airline with close to twenty years’ experience, Astral Aerial draws from the expertise of well-seasoned aviation experts to provide authoritative aviation information.

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