Astral Aerial Solutions


Enterprises and individuals alike are looking for a trusted source of quality and reliable drone platforms. Astral Aerial Solutions is the ideal partner for this. Astral holds a KCAA authorization as a drone reseller in the region, in addition to being an authorized drone dealer for DJI drones, the largest drone manufacturer globally and Arace Drones. Astral has also developed valuable partnerships with reputable drone manufacturers offering a diverse fleet of drones for different enterprise applications.

We provide competitive prices, solid warranties and guarantee the highest quality for all your UAV platform needs.

Importation and Registration

When purchasing a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from Astral Aerial, all regulatory requirements are taken care of to ensure the secure and compliant supply of drone equipment is handed over appropriately. 

Other Services

Drone Operation

Drone Training

Drone Consultancy