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With the broad and versatile industry applications of drone technology in Africa, it is vital to ensure the region is well skilled in drone operations. 

The RPAS Training Academy is the drone training division of Astral Aerial Solutions, and a KCAA approved RPAS training organization (RTO). 

The Academy is in  partnership with the SACAA approved RPAS Training Academy.

The curriculum meets aviation standards but is also designed for specific industry requirements. Our course content is continuously revised based on our experience in field operations to ensure relevance with industry requirements and specialized expertise gained from real world application.

Courses Offered Include:

  1. Ground school training with the following topics:

Air law



Radio Links


Human performance

Construction of flights

2. Practical flying lessons where a student will fly around 5 hours in accordance with regulatory and safety requirements and performing different maneuvers.

Specialized training: Astral Aerial offers advanced customized training in the following industry specific fields: Agriculture, Security Surveillance, Infrastructural Inspections etc.

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