Astral Aerial Solutions



The potential of drones to assist in maintaining power & utilities networks is even greater. Maintenance of assets spread across a vast area, accessing hard-to-reach infrastructure and execution of dangerous inspection procedures normally performed by humans, or by expensive helicopter or airplanes, can all be replaced by drones. UAVs beat other technologies by making inspections cheaper, faster and safer.

Achieve safer inspections at height with the right aerial inspection tools. Our inspection drones are fitted with high optical and digital zoom capabilities to identify minute defects on the turbine surface and/or loose components on the moving parts.

Reduce solar panel inefficiencies by eliminating defects on the working surface. Through aerial inspection with drones fitted with thermal imaging capability we easily locate hotspots and corroded points to ensure higher energy outputs and longer operational duty.

Drones provide faster remote inspection of power transmission lines across extended landscapes, enabling geo-location of corroded points, hotspots, damages, and vegetation incursion. With our experienced operational team and industrial inspection drone equipment to match, we make the ideal partner for aerial power line inspection and management.


The oil and gas industry is increasingly relying on robots like unmanned aerial vehicles for inspection. These drones can get into hard-to-reach or hazardous spots. They can measure with precision and they can save significant amounts of time. Inspecting equipment at height, such as flares and cooling towers, or under the deck typically requires personnel to use ropes for access. Setting that up takes time, and the work itself can be hazardous. Enter the drone, which requires little set-up time.

With drones, downtime is drastically reduced when supplies depleted as they can be easily deployed to deliver the same on demand.

Collection of critical aerial data in dangerous, insecure and/ or inaccessible locations is quickly achieved with fast aerial reconnaissance for highly accurate, near real time GIS and security data for exploration and mapping purposes.

Achieve higher inspection efficiency using industrial drones for quicker response to leaks, spills and damaged points. With drones, it is easier to access locations difficult to get to which may be unsafe or inaccessible. Astral Aerial provided on demand inspection services to stay on top of critical asset conditions.


Large numbers of Architecture/ Engineering/Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) firms and relevant service companies use these platforms to visually monitor construction and operation of buildings, bridges, and other types of civil infrastructure systems. Our drone platforms provide these exact service and can be tailored to the specific industries use cases.

Extended range railway inspection with drones ensures faster information delivery on railway lines, safer and more efficient inspection of key areas of interest, and lastly, rapid response to security concerns and incidents Astral Aerial provides highly detailed data outputs of rail conditions for accurate asset assessment, inspection and reporting.

Infrastructural inspections of critical assets such as dams require safe, yet efficient workflows. The right drone platform and sensor achieves easier and safer planning, shorter field operations time, and highly detailed outputs throughout the asset’s lifecycle phases, ie construction, commissioning, reporting and maintenance underpinned with AI driven data analysis.

Make engineering data collection in locations with challenging terrain easier by implementing long range mapping and inspection drones.
We provide high quality GIS data outputs for better planning, management, construction and maintenance of road and highway infrastructure.