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Being the holder of ROC 001, the first approved drone operator in the region, established our position as a pioneer in the drone industry. This pioneering spirit is effected in our operational expertise through the years. We have paved the way in a diverse range of drone applications, that is in agricultural mapping and spraying, disaster response and control, infrastructural inspection, environmental conservation etc.

Our commitment to maintain this operational excellence ensures that we meet and exceed all regulatory compliance requirements for all current and future operations. With a team of skilled and experienced drone pilots, we continually strive to improve service delivery through constant improvement of operational performance.

Astral Aerial is your trusted partner for end-to-end drone solutions. We provide exceptional services in different sectors while ensuring compliant, safe and professional execution.

Areas We Serve

Use Cases

UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are progressively steering agriculture in the direction of data driven farm management in Africa. With the second highest total addressable market for commercial services (according to Goldman Sachs), and the continued technology uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa. Astral…

Over the past several years Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) have rapidly advanced through improved flying ease, and high quality still photography and videography. This has enabled convenient aerial mapping, inspection and data driven analysis, while maintaining cost effectiveness. 

Drones are an easily deployable and handy tool for carrying out aerial assessment to provide quality data to support ongoing and current security management efforts. With thermal and infrared capabilities, night time operations can be taken to the next level with the implementation of drones.

The potential of drones to assist in maintaining power & utilities networks is even greater. Maintenance of assets spread across a vast area, accessing hard-to-reach infrastructure and execution of dangerous inspection procedures normally performed by humans…

In an age of reduced delivery times for goods and services, there is an increasing need for enterprises to meet customer demands in an efficient and timely manner. Drones offer quickly deployable aerial platforms for the transportation of on demand goods and services. 

Drones provide aerial cinematic shots that allow the viewer to experience films/documentaries in different ways. From landscape shots, to close up views and finally object tracking, drones provide…

Ecology has only flourished as an area of research in the last 50 years, once the impact of global change became evident on both the lives of animals and those of humans as well.